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The Reset Retreat - A Holistic Weekend Retreat devoted to your Fitness and Wellness in Midlife

Do you want to go on a retreat that is going to make you FEEL AMAZING and set you up LONG TERM to carry that on...


Do you...
  • want to improve your fitness?
  • tone up your body?
  • find a more balanced way of exercising?
  • want to workout for short periods but still achieve maximum fat loss results?
Our retreat exercise programme is based on the latest scientific research and consists of a range of activities, not only to burn fat, but to build muscle and also to calm your body to help you sleep well and relax.
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  • Are you always planning to 'be healthy' but when it comes to it you don't follow through?
  • Or you're not prepared enough to have a plan?
  • Would you like to get some new easy to cook food ideas to use at home?
On our retreat, breakfast, lunch & dinner will all be prepared for you by our very own AWARD WINNING PROFESSIONAL CHEF while you are at the villa. Our meal plans have been carefully planned for maximum fat loss and health benefits. All our easy to make recipes and meal plans will be given to you to use on returning from the retreat.


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  • Do you sometimes feel low, unmotivated or lacking in energy?
  • Are you often ill or catch a cold every year?
  • Do you think you have trouble with your hormone levels?
  • Are you constantly busy and not able to give yourself time to relax?

Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance can be, for example, acne, hair loss, low sex drive, trouble sleeping or bloating. Through a mixture of a carefully designed nutrition plan, exercise, relaxation and sleep, we'll be looking to balance your hormones and make you feel fantastic on our retreat.

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  • Is lack of will power or motivation stopping you from sticking with a long term diet and lifestyle change?
  • Do you have a goal in your life that you'd like to work towards and would like help?
  • Do you lack in self-belief and avoid making changes in your life, that put you out of your comfort zone?

If any of these apply to you our retreat can help. Through general motivational talks and a hypnotherapy session during the retreat, we'll help set you up to overcome your barriers to fat loss, full health and reaching your life goals.

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About Our Fitness and Wellness Weekend Retreat

The Reset Retreat is offering an exclusive and exciting opportunity for you to be part of a small group of people who want to devote some time to their health, wellness and fitness. Joining us on our weekend retreat will allow you to immerse yourself in a lifestyle to encourage fat loss and healthy living.  You will receive an engaging and motivational trip away aimed at: 

• Re-setting your life to help you THRIVE and not just survive life
• Pushing your exercise boundaries
• Re-setting bad eating habits
• Educating yourself on nutrition 
• Learning how to balance your hormones
• Changing your mindset and behaviour
All of these will be with the focus of reducing body fat and improving overall health and fitness levels in the long term. 
If you would like to improve your health, fitness and wellness for whatever reason, this retreat is for you. We will teach you the life tools to reset your behaviours to promote a healthier and balanced lifestyle. And whatever your goals, your exercise plan will be personally tailored to your current level, available time and future goals. 

Healthy Fat Loss 

For those of you that wish to reduce your body fat, at The Reset Retreat we take a holistic approach. We know that science shows that us that fat loss is not just about eating less and doing more. Other factors such as hormonal balance, mental attitude, beliefs and sleep also all come into play. We have a team of professionals who are experts across these disciplines to bring you a well rounded and balanced approach.

We understand that fat loss is a long term goal and this won’t purely be achieved in just the week that you are with us.  So we will be providing you with the tools and knowledge to help you reach your goals after you leave us.  By teaching you science backed life hacks, retraining you out of your bad habits, providing you with the knowledge and motivation to continue when you leave us, we’ll help you achieve your long term goals.

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Book now before all the places go.  Or if you have any questions please contact us here or email  If you are interested, but not for these specific dates/location/theme please register your interest here.

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